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Recipes for Sanrio's Sweet Happy News Blog

Keroppi Ice Cream Sundae

This recipe features two homemade components: no churn roasted strawberry ice cream that is swirled with a homemade strawberry syrup and speckled with fresh strawberry bits as well as a Keroppi matcha shortbread cookie with royal icing details. The sundae is adorned with matcha Pocky, whipped cream, a sprinkle of matcha powder and of course, a cherry on top.

Pompompurin Maple Melon Pan

This recipe features melon pan, a classic Japanese sweet bread covered in a thin layer of crisp biscuit crust with a grid line pattern on top. Since Pompompurin loves pancakes, the biscuit layer is flavored with maple extract that will transport you to breakfast time!

Lunar New Year Hello Kitty Almond Surprise Cookies

This recipe is an adaptation of the classic Chinese almond cookie which symbolizes coins and is often enjoyed during the New Year to bring good fortune. A thick 3 layered cookie is assembled to look like one and contains a sprinkle surprise inside!

Keroppi Deco Roll Cake

This recipe features a decorated roll cake inspired by Keroppi as well as light summer flavors. The cake highlights the tropical plant, pandan, which grows abundantly in Southeast Asia. We will be extracting pandan juice to flavor and naturally color our sponge cake then fill it with homemade whipped cream and strawberries as an ode to Keroppi’s beloved red and white striped shirt.

Pochacco Banana Ice Cream Cone Cookies

This recipe is an “a-peeling” twist on a classic sugar cookie! By replacing some all-purpose flour with grinded down ice cream cones as well as emulsified homemade banana chips, we yield a shortbread-like texture and a deepened depth of flavor. With this as our canvas, we then mix our royal icing with banana milk to transform this cookie into our dear friend, Pochacco!