Hi hello! We are happy you are here!
Hi hello! We are happy you are here!
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About the Baker

Hi hello! I'm Anabelle Brown, cookie crafter and sugar purveyor!
I am based in sunny Anaheim, California. Always having a knack for art and a craving for sweets, I started putting two and two together in most recent years. After 5 years of working in professional kitchens as a head baker and manager (shoutout to Honey & Butter + Frost Your Cookie), I began baking more on my own in 2020, diving into recipes, playing around with ingredients, and eventually began to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing.
I offer themed sugar cookie sets on Instagram, accept custom decorated sugar cookie orders, develop recipes, and am always thinking about an upcoming extracurricular bake to make!
My work is influenced by Japanese culture, nostalgia, Christina Tosi, derpy facial expressions, and bringing joy in the form of baked goods!